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Spot Puppy Wins Pi Wars

The Virtual Pi Wars Results are now out and we are very pleased to announce Spot Puppy has been declared the judges total score winner of the 2020 Virtual Pi Wars Competition and came second in public vote for favourite robot.

When we entered Pi Wars our ambition was to simply demonstrate a walking robot could compete in the event, so we are really proud to have been declared the total score winner. To have also come second in the public vote for favourite robot, just behind the brilliant MacFeegle Prime, was the icing on the cake.

The virtual event took place on Saturday 25th April and it was a brilliant celebration of robots via entry videos, talks and Q&A sessions. Spot was well represented at the event by Josh who gave a Q&A session on Spot Puppy, which followed his prerecorded talk on How not to build a walking robot and our Spot Puppy entry video.

Special thanks to all the organisers, judges and fellow competitiors who helped to make this year’s (virtual) Pi Wars such a great event.

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