Spot Puppy

Welcome to the Spot Puppy Blog

A quadruped robot competing in the 2020 PiWars competition and inspired by the Boston Dynamics robot Spot Mini

Designed and built by Josh & Jeremy Pattman

  • Spot Puppy can Walk!

    28th Dec 2019 by

    I am really please to announce that we have met our Christmas target of creating a version of Spot Puppy that we can control via a Bluetooth controller to navigate around a simple set of obstacles. All of the core components (servos, camera, time-of-flight sensor, accelerometer, battery, Arduino Nano, OLED and of course the Pi)… Read more

  • Learning to See

    29th Nov 2019 by

    We have started working on the head for Spot Puppy and although the design is still very basic, we now have the basic structure to work with. The head contains 3 components an OLED screen to bring Spot Puppy’s eyes alive, a Pi Camera for computer vision processing and a Time-of-Flight sensor to calculate distances… Read more

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