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Spot Puppy can Walk!

I am really please to announce that we have met our Christmas target of creating a version of Spot Puppy that we can control via a Bluetooth controller to navigate around a simple set of obstacles. All of the core components (servos, camera, time-of-flight sensor, accelerometer, battery, Arduino Nano, OLED and of course the Pi) and are incorporated in this version so we are in a good position for 2020 PiWars

We made a lot of progress through December, starting with a great deal of excitement from seeing Spot Puppy’s very first steps. However, as you can see it was far from perfect and at that point we had very little control of the direction (hitting the wall was not intentional!)

We still have a lot of work to do including perfecting the auxillary components for barrel pushing, shooting and balloon popping. However we will be focussing next on the autonomous events starting with line following.

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