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Spot Puppy Wins Pi Wars

The Virtual Pi Wars Results are now out and we are very pleased to announce Spot Puppy has been declared the judges total score winner of the 2020 Virtual Pi Wars Competition and came second in public vote for favourite robot. When we entered Pi Wars our ambition was to simply demonstrate a walking robotContinue reading “Spot Puppy Wins Pi Wars”

Simulator for Gait Design

To help with the development of our control library and in particular the creation of different gait routines (walking, trotting, running, etc) we decided to develop a simulator to capture the control signals from the control library and visualise them on a screen. This resulted in a much quicker development cycle as the impact ofContinue reading “Simulator for Gait Design”

Evolution of a Leg Design

The leg design of Spot Puppy has already gone through a significant evolution based on iterative experimentation and learning. The early versions were design to be extremely light as shown in the picture below. This consideration was mostly due to our concerned about the available power of a micro servo. However after early testing itContinue reading “Evolution of a Leg Design”